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Proverbe romanesti traduse in engleza

moose test

*Buturuga mica rastoarna carul mare.
The small tree fragment is determining the carrige to fail the moose test.

*Ai plecat cu musca la arat.
You went harvesting using a fly.

*Socoteala de acasa nu se potriveste cu cea din targ.
The counter from home does not fit with the one from village.

*Calul de dar nu se cauta la dinti.
The provided horse is not teeth searchable.

*Calatorul moare de cale lung, prostul de grija altora.
The traveler is dying by road conditions, the stupid guy is getting killed by his concern to others.

*Mai am un singur dor.
Only one miss is available.

*Corb la corb nu scoate ochii.
The ravens are involved in a non aggression pact.

*Gaina batrana face supa buna.
The old chick will significantly improve the soup.

*La omul sarac nici boii nu trag.
If you`re poor your traction will be affected.

*Graba strica treaba.
The quality of the job is being dramaticly affected by the hurryness factor.

*Nu tot ce zboara se mananca.
Not everything that flies can be mouth inserted.

*Paza buna trece primejdia rea.
Good security is bypassing bad danger.

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